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About 123shoot.io:

123shoot.io is a fun-addicting space Io game in which you need to master the classic mechanics of Rock, Paper, and Scissors. Use that rule to attack targets and defend yourself. Your mission is to be the top player who can destroy anything on the path without effort. Before you climb up to the highest position on the leaderboard, you are advised to learn and control every ability wisely. After you pick out the item that you like most, you can embark on your journey. You can avoid other characters or focus on eating energy power-ups at the beginning. It is possible to choose any style that you love to enjoy 123shoot.io. What you gather on the path will help you run away from stronger rivals or catch up with the prey. More importantly, you must know when and where to transform. It is necessary to put an end to the others’ life or counterattack. Good luck!


Hit LMB to speed up, 1-3 to transform.

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