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About is a great Battle Royale strategy game in which you are able to prove the own shooting and survival skills for free. Play online against multiple players around the world and try your best to survive as long as possible. Furthermore, you can win and dominate the leaderboard if you are the last standing man and collect the most kills. At the beginning, you will be equipped with a pistol. Use it to defend yourself. However, you should find other better weapons so you can destroy the enemy and protect your life effectively. Aside from the threat of the real opponents, you will be chased by the poison gas which is spreading quickly. Not only that, do not forget to enter the safe zone. If you take damage, use the medkits that you gather to replenish your health. You can work together with some friends and create a team if you want. Let’s discover the map and dominate!


Press WASD or arrow keys to move, LMB to shoot, E to pick up, T to chat, L to toggle the leaderboard.

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