Curve Fever Pro

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About Curve Fever Pro:

Curve Fever Pro is a great MMO Io game where you are able to play solo or cooperate with other friends in a team. Your mission in the new match is to steal the most points. Roam around the maze with a private spaceship and try to complete your task while attacking other rivals to earn higher ranks. Aside from having available primary and secondary abilities, you are able to experience other features such as the skill to generate the own custom ship. Not only that, you are also allowed to upgrade your vehicle by choosing from different modules. They will make your stats better, including speed, power. They can improve your weapons, too. However, you do not forget that you can die whenever if you crash into trails, obstacles like bombs. Pick out the best ways to pass or you can explode instantly. Let’s engage and survive until you dominate!

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Press A, D to steer, W to choose the primary ability, D to control the secondary ability.

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