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About is an awesome classic free for all game in which you will have the time to check out the brand new with a lot of players. Enter the same arena and start with the available characters whom you have selected the skin for him. Roam around the map and get ready to receive the most dangerous attacks from the enemy in the surroundings. Don’t worry! You also have a powerful and effective weapon. Use and swing the own sword to slash anybody in the path. Collect kills and every colored blob to rank up and make your item grow longer. Aside from that, you can gather the higher score after that. Try to obtain the longest tool and take over the top spot as fast as possible! During the journey, you can speed up and run away from the foe when you fall into their trap. Let’s enjoy and be the master right now! Good luck!


Use the mouse to control the player, left click or Space to slash, W or right click to dash.

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