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About Hexar.io:

Hexar.io is a good strategy game inspired by Splix Style. Explore new power-ups and get ready to build up the strongest kingdom! With the smooth controls, you are able to complete your job and dominate the largest land in the short time. Start off with a dot and depart from the spawning point or your home to embark on your trip. With the paint that you are equipped, you will the chance to draw a line which allows you to close an area and capture it. You should choose the neighborhood to attack first. Do not move too far from your base or you cannot come back to defend your achievement in case somebody breaks into. In Hexar.io, collecting kills will improve the ability to survive and rank up. You can destroy other people by running into their trail. So, avoid getting hit. Otherwise, you have to leave the match after that. Good luck!


Use the mouse to move, close and capture areas or destroy other players.

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