- in IO Games


Enter a nickname and get ready to take part in a fierce combat filled with asteroids with power-ups in game for free! Discover a 3D playing field together with a lot of opponents all over the world and try to take over the leaderboard quickly! Move around the map and find out the best strategies to collect kills and rank up. You will start off with an item which looks like a sphere. While roaming, you are able to shoot the memes. If you are successful in destroying somebody by using your plasma weapons, you can increase your points and your size will be provided more mass. In some case, it is quite easy to release stronger hits. Aside from that, you are allowed to boost your speed without difficulty. Completing a level will help you surpass other players. Are you willing to experience unknown places in outer space and become the top hunter? Good luck!


Use the mouse to move, LMB to fire, hold it to attack stronger, RMB to speed up.

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