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About is a brand new 2d shooter Io game based on Battle Royale style. You are able to check out your shooting skill by joining the challenge. Fight against multiple enemies at once and try to become the last survivor. Explore the map and search for a few weapons. You are given 2 slots to store them. During the combat, you can switch these items, depending on whom you face. Choose them wisely and you can chase your targets easily. Aside from that, there are a lot of power-ups scattered around the battleground. Be careful! has a dangerous red zone which will shrink in size over time. Stay in the safe zone and beat other players to loot their gear. Steal their equipment and you will receive a superior. Or, you can use them to set traps if you recognize somebody approaching your place. Hide somewhere and wait until the prey appear. Good luck!

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Use the mouse to move, LMB or Space to shoot, RMB or W to run away, Q or scroll to switch weapons.

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