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About Orn.io:

Enjoy the cool classic Orn.io game and explore an amazing upgraded version of Agario style for free! The journey that you are going to join will be set on a large 3D map. In which, you have to own the biggest sphere as soon as possible to become the top winner. In the beginning, do not forget to roll throughout the playfield to collect food pellets which are very useful to increase your mass. Aside from that, you are allowed to capture and swallow those who are smaller than you. You can choose to cooperate with other allies as a team. Similar to the original, you are able to split to move or catch the prey faster. Be careful! You should do that when there are no large players around. Additionally, you are recommended to keep away from bigger guys or they can attack and eat you later. Besides, do not let anybody push you in corners or you can die. Finally, avoid running into spikes or you will be exploded. Good luck!


Use WASD to move, the mouse to look around, Space to split.

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