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About Pixelz.io:

Play Pixelz.io game you do not need to enter your nickname. But, the artwork that you create will help you become the true artist. Indeed, there will not be any leaderboard on the screen. You only see the number of players existing on the massive map. After you accept to experience, you can zoom in or out and select a place that you want. In which, you will have the chance to show your ability without cost. With a brush and a palette, you can embark on your job easily. Select the color that you like and paint your way. Turn the available white pixels into yours. In Pixelz.io, you can work together with your friends to finish your task faster and posses the biggest paintings. It is a good strategy. Aside from that, members of your team can help you eliminate the enemy if he tries to remove everything you have built. Good luck!


Click to choose the color, left click to paint, right mouse to remove the artwork of the opponent. Press arrows or WASD or drag to move the screen, G or Space to toggle the grid. Scroll to zoom.

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