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About Snakes3d:

Snakes3d is a new Slither style multiplayer online game. Check out your job as a snake for free and you should work hard or wisely to become the longest creature in the rankings. First of all, you can get longer and gain more mass by consuming the available food orbs which are scattered throughout the map or killing other players and collecting the energy they leave. Using the old strategies that you find in will help you a lot. For example, speed up when you have enough the capacity and cut off the quarry. Or, encircle until they run into your tail and die. Meanwhile, you must avoid attacks and prevent evil plans before they are carried out for survival. Indeed, you’d better keep yourself safe and beat everybody to rank up and take over the leaderboard quickly. Get ready to play and conquer the challenge your way now! Good luck!


Use the arrow keys to move, Space to boost.

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