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About Spred.io:

Spred.io is a funny and addicting Io game that you can play free online along with other new friends right now. Pick out the option that you like most on the starting screen to embark on your job. It’s possible for you to experience the favorite mode or create a map or browse it if necessary. The mission that you have to complete at all costs is to become the first player who can take over 75% of the total production. You should accomplish that goal as soon as you can to be the top winner. The first step is to wander around the playing field to eat food and other weaker people so as to increase in size. After that, convert tiles existing on the playground in order to generate more sustenance/ second. Gain mass and it will give you the opportunity to purchase upgrades, build up walls, or enlarge quicker. Don’t ignore using the poison, making the foe feeble or destroying their barrier! You can share the own nourishment to feed somebody or improve your barricade. Good luck!


Use W or Z to fire the food, X to shoot the poison, C to build a wall, V to demolish it, Space to split.

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