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About Tanx:

Tanx is one of the most interesting multiplayer online games based on the style of Io games. It is pretty simple to understand what you need to do in the new challenge. Enter the arena and you will be sent to a random team. You can recognize other teammates by looking at the color that their tanks have. There are four factions. And you will have to fight against each other to find out the top player. Move around the battlefield with the own vehicle and shoot anything in the opposing parties with the cannon. Aside from that, you can cooperate with friends to deal with the enemy in case they are in danger and vice versa. Teamwork is an essential key to succeeding in Tanx. Don’t venture alone or you can be killed soon! Staying with them to secure victory. If you want to restore health, search for power-ups on the ground and collect those items consisting of ammo packs and repair kits. Let’s launch battle and cause lots of damage to the foe now!


Press WASD keys to move around the arena, the left mouse to fire.

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