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About Warscrap.io:

Warscrap.io is an enchanting shooting game in which you must build up the strongest tower defense if you’d like to win and survive. Play as a Warscraper and you will be able to cooperate with other teammates who are also formidable scrapers. Your objective is to defend your base and the core reactors. And, the enemy that you need to destroy before it’s too late is the invading machine race. Try to eliminate all of them or they will hunt and wipe out everything with everybody in a wink! With the weapons that you are equipped, you can cause the death of the target without difficulty. But, you should dodge deadly hits promptly. Remember to gather power-ups! Not only that, you can earn a lot of Cores which can be used to unlock and buy plenty of upgrades in the shop. Active stuff will aid you in fights and finish them quickly. Good luck!



Use WASD to move around the map, Space to jump, LMB to shoot, RMB to switch weapons.

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