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About Xess.io:

Xess.io is a massively multiplayer online chess game. It features four playable game modes consisting of Classic 64×64, Powerup zone 80×80, Bot chaos! 80×80, and Tiny 8×8. Each of them will bring to the player different experiences. The main objective that you and other people have to attempt to achieve is to collect the highest score. The best point will lead you to the top spot and take over the leaderboard easily later. Start the match as a King and you need to capture as many pieces as possible in order to protect yourself and add much more to your faction. Next, you can rank up and gradually conquer the map. If you allow the foe to take out the sovereign, you will lose. You’d better prevent every attack before it’s too late for survival. You can simply move your soldiers around many times although you are following everything. So, there are several valuable troopers like the Queen are able to walk in any direction. Let’s play and explore more tips now!


Use the left mouse to control pieces.

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