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About ZOMBS.io:

ZOMBS.io is an online strategy game about tower defense. It is a survival combat occurring in a strange world filled up with dangers. So, your mission is to defend yourself always while working hard to become the richest player in the shortest time. You can play solo. But, you are also recommended to join a party and cooperate with other allies. With their help, you can beat obstacles and even destroy hordes of aggressive zombies in a wink. Firstly, you need to move around and cut trees or break rocks in order to gather wood and stone. Next, you will be able to craft better items. Not only that, you can build a base and place a stash or mine to gain much more gold. Additionally, you should protect these structures by building towers, turrets, traps, and weapons. When you progress, you can own lots of upgrades. Let’s start and dominate your way!


Use WASD to move, the mouse to look around, LMB to gather, build and attack, E to upgrade, F to heal, Space to auto attack, B to open the shop, Enter to chat.

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